Stainless Steel Square Box Section


LeenGate has a substantial stock range of stainless steel box sections readily available in grades 304, 316 and 430, in both dull-polished and descaled finishes. In addition, box section can be polished to order with a fast and efficient turnaround.

Stainless box section is normally welded from strip or plate.

Common Uses

  • Catering equipment
  • General metalwork
  • Structural frameworks

Stainless Square Box Section

Stainless Square Box Section

For a more comprehensive table of available alloys, their properties and typical applications, please refer to our Stainless Steel page.


Standard Sizes of Square Box Section

Please note: the above table represents only standard sizes - others are available.  Please contact our sales team for more details.

Outside Dimensions (mm) Wall Thickness (mm)
1.2 1.5 2 3 4 5
15 x 15
20 x 20
25 x 25
30 x 30
40 x 40
50 x 50
60 x 60
80 x 80
100 x 100