Vinyl Coating Services

LeenGate Metals have in-house facilities to apply protective vinyl coating in large or small volumes and to order.

Automatic Polycoating

Our fully automated polycoater can apply coating to all sheet products up to & including 3mm thick in stainless steel and 6mm thick in aluminium.

Manual Polycoating

In addition, we have manual coating facilities that enable us to coat up to 6mm thick stainless and 10mm thick aluminium.

Both machines can accomodate sheets up to 1500mm wide. We offer a comprehensive range of coatings, including the latest products suitable for state-of-the-art fibre optic laser machines.

By offering an in-house service, LeenGate is able to ensure the highest qualities are maintained, for our customers' peace of mind.

Please contact a member of our experienced sales team to benefit from these facilities.

LeenGate Metals have in-house coating facilities